Exclusive: First Look at Funko’s new “Five Night at Freddy’s” SNAPS! figures

As a father of a 6 year old as well as an avid toy collector, you are bound to see your child emulate things you do and this is the case with my son. For many years his obsession was Thomas the Tank Engine which then evolved to Sonic the Hedgehog.  After his 6th birthday, this all changed and he became a FNAF Fan.

For those not familiar, FNAF stands for “Five Nights at Freddy’s” which was originally a PC game from 2014, but then quickly grew in popularity which spawned a wide variety of collectables from plushies to Mystery Minis to action figures. The suggested age for the franchise is 8 and older, but this didn’t stop my son’s curiosity… which I can appreciate since I saw Child’s Play 2 in the theater when I was 7.

Funko was kind enough to send us a package to check out their latest line of collectable figures for FNAF called “SNAPS!” You can see an unboxing and video I made with my son on TikTok here.

We were sent a single pack which included Foxy, and a two pack which included Toy Bonnie and Baby.

At first glance, they look like larger and more articulated Mystery Minis, but the really cool feature is the “Snap” aspect. The figures can come apart and snap back together and are interchangeable, which is my son’s favorite thing to do with the action figures.

Visually, they are darker in tone than most of the previous releases, but this is something we have seen with Wave 2 of the action figures which were the scary instances of some of the main characters. My son was initially on the fence, but once we opened them up he quickly found a new set to collect!

Check out the official info from Funko below, as these will be hitting shelves in October just in time for Halloween! Keep your eye out for the collection at retail soon or pre-order them right now.

Funko?s ?Five Nights at Freddy’s? Snaps! collection features characters such as Freddy, Bonnie,
Foxy, Baby, and more, and includes vinyl figures and customizable playsets, with fans
encouraged to collect them all.

The full collection includes:

  • FNAF Snap!: Bonnie: MSRP – $8.99
  • FNAF Snap!: Foxy: MSRP – $8.99
  • FNAF Snap!: Playset- Storage Rm w/Chica – MSRP – $34.99
  • FNAF Snap!: Playset- Stage w/Freddy – MSRP – $34.99
  • FNAF Snap!: Freddy & Springtrap 2pk- MSRP – $16.99
  • FNAF Snap!: Toy Bonnie & Baby 2pk – MSRP – $16.99

Launching this fall and heading into the spookiest season of the year, the collection will be the
most interactive collectible set, and is recommended for children ages eight and above. Fans
can stay up-to-date with Funko?s latest announcements and partnerships by visiting Funko.com
and following the brand on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.