Valve launches Steam Charts

It’s about damn time. Valve has finally, officially, released a Steam Charts system of their own which displays rankings and analytics of what’s happening on Steam.  Head on over here: to check it out.  The older stats page of course has been deprecated in favor of the new feature.

Players can dig into Top Sellers and Most Played, check out Weekly Charts and Top New Releases and more.  Realtime results can also be filtered by global and United States specific results at this time.  There are some nice features included so far, and we expect that Valve will continue to build it out as time goes by.

Check out the announcement below and/or head on over to the Steam Blog article for more in-depth details.

Today we’ve launched a new section of Steam dedicated to ranking the most popular games on Steam. This new section includes real-time charts for top selling and most played games, as well as weekly top sellers and monthly top new releases.

Check out the new charts here:

This new section replaces the old ‘stats’ page on Steam and provides a better overview for what is hot on Steam right now. The new top-selling lists rank games based on total revenue, including all sources such as DLC and in-game transactions so we can all get a more complete picture of which games players are excited about getting into and continuing to play. This new method of calculating revenue is also being deployed across various top lists throughout the Steam store, including the Top Sellers tab on Steam’s homepage, genre and tag pages.