Control the undead hordes lest they control you in Deadcraft, out today

From the studio that brought us Daemon X Machina, this newly released title is a take on what would happen if you had a farming simulator set in a zombie apocalypse? In Deadcraft you?re Reid, a half human/half zombie looking to exact revenge on those who experimented on you, but revenge takes time and resources so you?ll need to co-mingle with the remaining human settlements to gather resources to set your plans in motion.

Grow zombies that you can use to savage your enemies, and if you can?t harvest enough parts, perhaps turn your weapons on the humans to gather the organs you need, they?ll never know?right? After checking out a demo at this year?s PAX East, this title?s intriguing take on the farming simulator definitely caught my eye.

The combat is a mix of your standard action game with a tinge of real time strategy as you place your crop of zombies to turn the tides on your foes. Deadcraft is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox Platforms and there is a deluxe edition which include the game?s 2 DLCs which will release later this month.

DEADCRAFT – Launch Trailer:

DEADCRAFT - Launch Trailer

Farm the dead to stay alive in DEADCRAFT!
Half-human, half-zombie Reid is out for revenge–but he’ll have to fight, craft, and harvest his way to survival first! Willing to do what it takes?