ANNO: Mutationem available now on PlayStation platforms and Steam

A while back we had the opportunity to take a look at F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch a title partially funded by Sony Interactive Entertainment?s China Hero Project, an initiative looking to help Chinese developers enter the world stage. Another title which benefited from the project saw release yesterday, ANNO: Mutationem developed by ThinkingStars and published by Lightning Games saw release on PlayStation platforms and PC via Steam.

Set in a cyberpunk world where the disparity between the rich and poor continues to widen. Ann Flores is on a personal quest to find her missing brother. Aided by her hacking construct Ayane, Ann will slash, shoot, punch, hack and even serve a drink or two to get the job done. Explore in 3D, fight in 2D uncover a dark conspiracy happening under the bright neon lights of the large city.

ANNO: Mutationem screens:

ANNO: Mutationem – Official Launch Trailer:

ANNO: Mutationem - Official Launch Trailer

Dear Mutationites! We’re delighted to reveal that ANNO:Mutationem is now available in several regions on PlayStation!