Humble Games and Witch Beam release an accolade trailer for Unpacking

You miss all the shots you don?t take and you certainly don?t get on accolade trailers for games you didn?t review. However plenty of other outlets took a look at Humble Games and Witch Beam?s Unpacking and took quite a liking to it. So it is only fitting that the best blurbs and a medley of positive reviews be collected into a short trailer as a pitch to get more players to check out this experience. This isn?t to say no one has, as the game managed to sell over 100k copies within the first 10 days of it?s release.

Learn more about this unseen person as you help them adjust to new living conditions over the course of several relocations and discern their life story. Give this a trailer a look and see if you will add to the player base for this title.

Unpacking is available on Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X for $19.99.

Unpacking – Accolades Trailer (Available Now) | Humble Games:

Unpacking - Accolades Trailer (Available Now) | Humble Games

Discover the hidden details of a life on moving day in Unpacking, a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and finding the right place for them into a new home.