Build Green Hill Zone with the New Sonic LEGO sets!

Sure they?re not competing in Olympic games anymore, but eternal rivals Mario and Sonic have found a new battlefield to duke it out?the LEGO sales charts? That?s right! While Nintendo?s plumber had a more official entry into the world of building bricks (Do people count LEGO Dimensions?), Sega?s blue blur is entering the fold through the most democratic way possible LEGO Ideas. The platform which allows users to submit ideas for sets and saw iconic output such as The DeLorean Time Machine, Voltron and McCallister Home from Home Alone comes a set submitted by 24 year Briton Viv Grannell. The Green Hill Zone Set recreates a slice of the 1st zone from the hedgehog?s debut title.

Sporting checkerboard dirt, a loop, power up monitors and even enemies such as Crab, Motorbug and Dr. Eggman, it evokes the original title with these endlessly modular bricks. Clocking in at 1125 pieces, the creator has promised builders will find easter eggs and surprises as they complete the set, it even features a tile showcasing how many lives Sonic has left.

The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set will be available on the LEGO website for $69.99 on January 1st, 2022. Let’s hope this will sell well enough that we?ll see some of Sonic?s other friends get the brick treatment (I?m waiting on LEGO Big the Cat?come on, give me what I want!).

LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set: