Explore the contents of the Lost Judgment press kit

It was a dark and stormy night (actually it was a very sunny afternoon), I returned home to be greeted by a tall dark figure posted at my entryway (actually it was in a standard cardboard box with a Lithium Ion Battery warning sticker). I picked up the box, cleared my table and to my delight I perused the contents inside. To celebrate the launch of Lost Judgment, the latest title from RGG Studios and SEGA, the company had sent a care package to games media and influencers with some pretty impressive goods. We here at Gaming Age were fortunate enough to be included and we are here to detail the contents of the package.

Letter from Kazuki Hosokawa

While not a physical item, this heartfelt letter from Judgment Series producer Kazuki Hosokawa hopes that players enjoy the latest entry in the Judgment series. This title managed to release globally with no announced delays despite a global pandemic and other unseen issues. Given the game?s quality, I say this is a monumental achievement!

Yokohama Section 99 Notebook

Embossed with the logo of the fledgling detective firm responsible for series lead Takayuki Yagami?s trek to Isezaki Ijincho, this leatherbound (?) notebook is perfect for taking notes during your own investigations.

6 pin set

Given the importance of lapel pins/badges in Japanese society, this is definitely a neat and appropriate item to include.. The 6 pin set includes the icons which represent the fighting styles Yagami utilizes in game, the mascots of the VR board game which has been a main stay in the Judgment game (Koro-Nyan and Kuro-Nyan) and the final pin presents the logo of Smile Burger, the fictional fast food restaurant which has been an constant in both Yakuza and Judgment titles.

Red Horse Skateboard Deck

Despite being often compared to Grand Theft Auto, Lost Judgment is the first RGG title to feature some sort of traversal vehicle. The skateboard lets you quickly navigate the streets (and NOT the sidewalks) of Yokohama. The deck included in this package features a design that is actually obtainable in game (I guess sending people the hoverboard included in the Detective Essentials DLC might?ve been too much of a budget breaker)!

Dx League Ijincho Drone

A remote control drone with a camera is the last item included in this press kit. Drones played an integral part of Yagami Detective Agency?s workflow and Drone Racing is one of the leisure activities you can partake in both Judgment titles. Emblazoned with the Drone Racing League logo, this item will let you explore your neighborhood without the need of a FAA license.

Gaming Age has already casted our judgment on the title and frankly it?s in contention to be my game of the year. Those looking for a smorgasbord of content both serious drama, slice of life and even comedy will find a perfect package with the second outing of Takayuki Yagami. Those who manage to finish will have even more to look forward to as the game will have additional content planned up til early 2022. Lost Judgment is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Stadia.