Lies of P grabs award for Visuals and Graphics at the 2024 Apple Design Awards

Twenty twenty four (2024) has been Stellar Blade this, Stellar Blade that. But in 2023 another South Korean developed title was top of mind. Neowiz’s Lies of P surprised gamers with its bespoke world and teeth gritting action. While both DLC and a sequel is in the works, it seems gamers got a new shiny South Korean developed title to fawn over. However Neowiz isn’t going to let this new gal on the block to hog all the glory as the developer revealed a new accolade for the souls-like.

Lies of P was named as one of the winners of the 2024 Apple Design Awards in the category of Visuals and Graphics in Games. While the awards aren’t exactly the Oscars or The Game Awards, it is a quintessential part of the Cupertino based company’s Worldwide Developers conference. Alongside Rooms, Lies of P beat games such as Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Honkai: Star Rail to win the award for 2024. The award blurb cited the game’s “visuals reveals a world of beautiful textures, detailed lighting, and stunning effects — and visual customization options like MetalFX upscaling and volumetric fog effects let you style the ruined city to your liking.”

Hopefully this won’t be the last we hear from Lies of P in 2024, as someone who thoroughly enjoyed their time in Krat, I’m chomping at the bit to explore the world once more hopefully with some new sights and abilities in hand.

Lies of P is currently available now on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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