Updates and DLC announced for Lies of P via Director’s Letter Video

As All Hallow’s Eve came to a close in the US, the folks behind Lies of P decided to leave fans with one last treat before November begins. In a Director’s Letter video featuring the game’s director Ji Won Choi brief fans on what’s next for lies of P. The first thing was additional adjustments to the existing game, which includes weapons adjustments, enemy re-balancing, an additional cosmetics slot that will enable eyewear to be equipped separately from headwear. The team even heeded player suggestions and made Rising Dodge a default skill rather than something that needs to be unlocked via the game’s P-Organ skill tree. Players will be able to run around as Alidoro the Hound as his costume and mask will be free in a future update.

Before we detail other game updates, the game’s haunting soundtrack will be made available soon. It will consist of over 60 tracks and the format in which it will be available was not announced, but here’s hoping for a vinyl release! Let’s hope this will lead to other merchandise to be licensed and made!

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the playerbase the team will be working on a sequel, but that won’t be ready anytime soon. So to satisfy those looking for more time in Krat, the original game will have DLC and in the video director Choi shared two pieces of concept art to get the fanbase speculating. One image shows what could be a power station and another of P on a ship whose crew has seen better days. While he wanted to share more the excited director had to keep some things close to the chest.

It’s great that we’re going to get more from this IP and frankly whenever something fresh and new finds an audience it’s a win for everyone involved. Let’s hope the team will continue to have creative control and will weave more wondrous experiences for us to enjoy. Now if they’ll only make replicas of the P-Organ that they sent to influencers available…come on guys, money’s on the table!

Lies of P – Director’s Letter:

Lies of P - Director's Letter