Celebrate a Decade of Dredging and Chivalry with Yacht Club Games June 14th

June 24th 2024 will mark 10 years since we’ve met the noble Shovel Knight as he set forth towards the Tower of Fate to rescue his friend and companion Shield Knight. As the years passed we managed to learn more about the colorful knights that inhabit his world, experience different game play in various spinoffs and saw the azure knight himself cameo in a litany of indie titles!

So it would only make sense for Yacht Club Games, the studio behind the masked champion, to stage a celebratory livestream to celebrate a decade of Shovel Knight. On June 14th 2024 at 11:30AM PST/ 2:30PM EST, join the team as they kick off a year of celebration with “new updates, announcements, merchandise and dazzling surprises”. I certainly hope we’ll finally get a proper sequel.

We’ll find out what’s in store when the next edition of Yacht Club Games Presents debuts next Friday June 14th 2024!

Yacht Club Games Presents 6.14.24

Yacht Club Games is thrilled to announce a special edition of “Yacht Club Games Presents” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shovel Knight. This live-streamed event will take place on their YouTube channel on Friday, June 14th, 2024 at 11:30 AM PT.
The event will kick off a year-long celebration that promises a slew of new updates, announcements, merchandise, and dazzling surprises.
“For the past ten years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create fun and challenging games for you. As we’ve grown and evolved, our commitment to our community and craft has only strengthened. Get ready to celebrate a decade of digging – we’re just getting started!” said Sean Velasco, designer.
The presentation will last approximately 20 minutes.
Steel thy Shovel!