Akimbot blasts onto Steam Next Fest with trailer and demo

Steam Next Fest is currently on, which means that there’s no shortage of interesting-looking indie games currently fighting for attention with trailers and demos — and that’s without even counting all the new trailers and demos we got from Summer Game Fest. It’s undoubtedly a tough situation for indie developers, but it means that if you’re looking for your next favourite game, there’s no shortage of demos to pick from.

Personally, I’m excited about Akimbot, the newest game from Evil Pirate. While it’s that studio’s first game, the studio was founded by Nicolas Meyssonnier, who previously gave us Pumpkin Jack, which was an amazing homage to the glory days of PS2 3D platformers. Akimbot seems to mine the same territory, just with even more specificity: it’s the story of an outlaw robot named Exe with a sidekick named Shipset, blasting its way through enemy robots and exploring the galaxy. In other words, think Ratchet & Clank, just with more robots.

At least, the demo gives off those vibes — we’ll have to see what the full game is like. Thankfully, though, we won’t have to wait long: the game is out on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X on August 29. You can check out the demo now — and then check out the other demos on Steam Next Fest, because there are a lot of them!

Akimbot | Release Date Trailer [ESRB]

Hold on to your circuits. Evil Raptor and PLAION are thrilled to unveil Akimbot, their 3D action platformer, launching on Aug. 29, 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. If you want a glimpse of the action and adventure that awaits, check out the new release date trailer.

You can watch the new Akimbot trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih9kB43qLkI

In Akimbot, you’ll play the role of Exe, a robot outlaw, along with Shipset, his unexpected sidekick, as you fight your way through armies of robots, control spaceships, and forge your own path on a mission to save the universe from impending doom. Set in a sci-fi world where only robots exist, travel the galaxy and experience robot chaos and no-holds-barred explosive action.

Players can begin their quest to save the universe in the new Akimbot demo available during Steam Next Fest starting at 10 A.M PT on June 10. In the demo, the adventure will begin as many great stories do: with a prison escape. Players will have to prepare for robotic mayhem, action, and adventure in the first level of Akimbot, set in Data Bay. This will allow users to delve into the ins and outs of the game as they roam the environment, join the inhabitants of Data Bay at a dance party, and complete a boss battle.

Join Evil Raptor on Discord to share your favorite moments with the demo at: https://discord.gg/R22tfDgN75

Hold on to your tracks and get ready for an action-packed adventure as you join Exe and Shipset on this fascinating journey through the universe, arriving on Aug. 29, 2024. Put it on your wishlist on Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.