Activate triggers UK/IE expansion by partnering with We Do Play

Consoles have brought gaming home, but there will always be gaming experiences that won’t easily fit where you live, so companies like Activate will always have a place in the gaming market. The company, which specializes in active gaming experiences and currently has over 20 locations in North America, announced that they will be opening another 30 stores in the UK and Ireland thanks to a partnership with We Do Play.

We Do Play is a UK-based company that seeks to bring “immersive leisure & hospitality businesses” across the UK and Europe. Some of their brands include Flip Out, Putt Putt Social, VRxtra and even SEGA Amusement centers. So teaming up with Activate will ensure the latter’s European expansion will run smoothly as the former has an intricate understanding of local conditions and needs.

While I prefer my gaming with a controller, I’m certainly intrigued by the offerings that Activate has to offer. In fact I’m more inclined to check out the company when they finally open a location at Roosevelt Field Mall. Hopefully gamers of UK and Ireland will have their interest piqued when Activiate comes to their countries.

Activate Games Inc., the pioneering force behind the world’s first active gaming experience, is thrilled to announce its expansive venture into the United Kingdom and Ireland markets with the opening of 30 new stores in partnership with We Do Play.

Following the resounding success of Activate’s innovative gaming concept across North America and the MENA region, the company is poised to revolutionize the entertainment landscape in the UK and Ireland. With a commitment to promoting physical activity while offering unparalleled gaming experiences, Activate is set to captivate audiences across these vibrant regions.

“This expansion marks a significant milestone in Activate’s journey,” said Adam Schmidt, Founder and CEO of Activate Games Inc. “The UK and Ireland have long been on our radar as markets ripe for Activate’s unique blend of interactive gaming and physical activity. We are excited to bring our adrenaline-pumping adventures to communities across these regions and provide an unforgettable entertainment experience for players of all ages.”

Each Activate location offers an immersive gaming environment where players can #EnterTheGame and compete in a variety of interactive challenges. Activate promises an experience like no other, where players can unleash their competitive spirit while staying active.

“We are committed to diversifying leisure offerings and providing our guests with innovative entertainment experiences,” said Richard Beese, Co-Owner of We Do Play. “With the launch of 30 new stores in the UK and Ireland, we are thrilled to introduce Activate to a new audience and create lasting memories for families, friends, and gaming enthusiasts alike.”

The expansion into the UK and Ireland marks a significant milestone in Activate’s global growth strategy. Activate is poised to unveil more than 20 new stores across the United States and Canada in 2024, including an expansion into the MENA region this Fall. Furthermore, Activate has strategic plans for international growth, with aspirations to establish 70 stores in 10 countries over the next 5-10 years. With locations worldwide and a dedicated community of fans, Activate continues to push the boundaries of traditional entertainment and redefine the gaming experience for the modern era.

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