ClickSticks PS4 controller review

Platform: PS4
Publisher: The Controller People
Developer: The Controller People
Medium: Hardware

You are only as good as the tools that you use. This applies to most things in life, and video games are no exception. When it comes to gaming, having the right tools for the job is essential, whether it be the fastest keyboard mouse combo or the most advanced competition controller, games can be won and lost on the merits of the equipment being used. ClickSticks are a revolutionary new controller system for the PS4 that uses actual sticks on the rear of the controller as opposed to your more traditional paddle set up you see on high end gaming controllers. I personally always found the paddle system to be counter-intuitive and on occasion, awkward to use. ClickSticks however find the perfect balance between functionality and comfort.

The placement on the rear of the controller is right where your fingers naturally fall when you hold the controller. This allows you to easily activate the sticks while playing without having to adjust your natural hold. This is incredibly helpful whenever playing a shooter or anything that requires quick access not only to the sticks, but to the rest of the controller as well. Being able to play at a higher level while also being able to fall back on years of experience already make it an easy transition for players of all levels.

The ClickSticks come with interchangeable analog sticks with varying heights and concave/convex pads to fit your unique play style. They are swapped easily, but are fixed to the stick tight enough that they won’t fall off during extended play sessions. Different games benefit from different stick set ups, so being able to change on the fly is a huge asset if you don’t limit yourself to one game genre.

Also available are Spring Stop Triggers. They have reduced travel distance, which allows for faster shooting when playing FPS titles and quicker follow up shots. They are able to be adjusted by rotating the stud on the back of the trigger, or completely removing it to allow for a standard pull. This opens up the possibilities and makes this controller adaptable to any game and any style of play.

In addition to all of the functional customization, the color schemes are able to be tailored to fit your personal needs as well. They come in a wide variety of colors, and they are not mass produced, so getting one customized for YOU is easy when dealing with such a small team. The service is always very personal and exactly what you want from a company. ClickSticks are available right now from The Controller People by visiting http://thecontrollerpeople.com/.