Team up to hunt and eradicate spiders in Kill it with Fire 2’s beta

Given I’m dealing with a lot of flies right now…I wish there were some spiders in my house. But if you’re a normal person who loathes arachnids, perhaps you can relate to the premise of Kill it with Fire. Developed by Casey Donnellan, the game is a sci-fi inspired spider slaying sequel.

Today spider killing becomes a team affair as Kill it With Fire 2 reveals a multiplayer campaign mode and a PvP mode dubbed Spider-Hunt. Along with this announcement, the game’s multiplayer beta launches and will run until November 1st. Those who possess digital arachnophobia or are an arachnophile can sign up for the beta via the game’s Steam page and participate on the side of their choosing.

Exterminators will need to kill spiders with whatever implements of destruction they can find and the spiders must outwit the exterminators and get them fired by having them cause excess property damage. This game will mark the first time you can play as the spiders so perhaps you can feel the thrill they have at scaring creatures 100x their size.

Kill it with Fire 2’s beta is available now and will run ’til November 1st. The game will enter Steam Early Access in Q1 2024 with a full release on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platform sometime in 2024.

Kill it With Fire 2 multiplayer screens:

CO-OP Spider Murder – Kill it With Fire 2 Multiplayer Reveal

CO-OP Spider Murder - Kill it With Fire 2 Multiplayer Reveal

Play Now:

🚨Kill it With Fire 2 has MULTIPLAYER 🚨
🕷️PvP Spiders v Exterminators💥
🫂Four Player Co-op Campaign⚔️

Our PvP gamemode Spider Hunt is playable NOW via joining the free beta on Steam and requesting access to our playtest!

Kill It With Fire 2 is an interdimensional action comedy game about murdering spiders. With fire, yes, but also with frying pans, remote controlled tanks, laser guns— you get the idea.

The sequel is bigger than ever! More burnier fire! More destructive weapons! Larger levels! And yes, unfortunately, more spiders. But we know you can handle it.

As The Exterminator, you’ll travel across the multiverse, utilising the latest advancements in cutting-edge sci-fi tech to hunt down the arachnid menace once and for all. We’re starting the hunt on Steam Early Access in 2023 and launching on consoles in 2024!