Devolver Delayed Showcase: Devolver Digital puts out a cheeky video…and I chuckled

Delays…they happen. No one likes them, but at least the folks at Devolver Digital can have a sense of humor about it! In a curt video released today the indie publisher revealed a slew of their titles that won’t be releasing in this calendar year.

That’s right, the following games are being pushed into 2024…

  • The Plucky Squire
  • Stick it to the Stickman
  • Skate Story
  • Anger Foot
  • Pepper Grinder

Despite all these unfortunate delays, the publisher still will have plenty of the docket in 2023.
Titles such as:

  • Gunbrella
  • Wizard with a Gun
  • The Talos Principle 2
  • The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
  • KarmaZoo
  • DLC for Bro Force and McPixel 3

I’m glad some developers can keep to deadlines, but still I can’t stay mad at the delayed titles…I just really need them to come out already! Needless to say I guess I better start looking at my 2024 schedule, cause once again Devolver Digital’s titles will be keeping me plenty occupied.

Devolver Delayed Showcase | 2023 – 2024 Edition:

Devolver Delayed Showcase | 2023 - 2024 Edition

Enjoy the art of video game delays and find out which of your most anticipated Devolver Digital published games are moving to next year! The future’s future is here today.