Atlus’ Metaphor: ReFantazio Showcase gives us a release date, game details, CE info and more

Just this afternoon Atlus revealed a 25 minute showcase for their new, upcoming RPG title Metaphor: ReFantazio. During the “Atlus Exclusive” event, they officially revealed the release date (October 11th, 2024) and gave us a look at some new game details.  The showcase also expanded on some story bits we can expect to experience throughout the game, some new UI/battle elements, and more.  Additionally, the Collector’s Edition was revealed, showcasing all of the contents within. Preorders are now live on multiple retailers nationwide.

Atlus claims that this game will “challenge the fantasy genre”, and include lots of elements from their previous RPGs. As for what this means, we can only assume based on gameplay shown off that it will be a combination of an action RPG and a traditional turn-based RPG as we’ve come to expect, know, and love from Atlus.

The story basis given was that the king of this new nation was assassinated, and you must forge bonds with the citizens to support your rise to the throne. A “royal magic” triggers an election, and this is what begins the “election” for the new king to take the throne. This is where my previous statement arises in that you must garner support for yourself to become the new king, but you will not be the only one yearning for kingship. A battle will sprawl across the kingdom and will include several tribes and races of people/creatures standing in your way.

Some new and returning features make Metaphor the most ambitious game yet. The calendar system Persona fans are familiar with makes its return in ReFantazio, as well as a new bonus for completing battles without taking any damage. Dungeons will be scattered across the world, and if you are a high enough level, you will instantly defeat monsters in the field without having to engage in combat for real. Atlus has introduced a mechanic called “Squad” that allows you to get a jump on enemies and stun them momentarily while you and your party acts first, getting in some extra damage at the start of combat. Fast travel to areas you have visited returns as well. As a little extra something, there is a little fairy companion that casts a spell on our main character, and he can now hear the game’s music, making the in-game soundtrack Diegetic.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is now available for preorder, including collector’s editions, in the US and Canada, and will cost $149.99 + tax for the collector’s edition, and $69.99 + tax for the standard editions.

Metaphor will be releasing on Windows PC via Steam, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 this fall on October 11th, 2024.

Metaphor: ReFantazio – “Atlus Exclusive” Showcase:

Metaphor: ReFantazio - "ATLUS Exclusive" Showcase