Tiny Thor arrives to Nintendo’s realm

Use your newly acquired Hammer and reconnect Midgard to the other realms. After being tricked by Loki and shattering the Rainbow Bridge it’s up to the young son of Odin to traverse the lands and collect the pieces of Singasteinn and restore what you unintentionally broke. Tiny Thor which is available now on the Nintendo Switch is a beautiful 16 bit platformer that will test your mind and reflexes.

Your newly received hammer Mjölnir, will be the key in your quest. Use it to smite enemies, solve puzzles and even collect gems as you hurl it about perhaps precisely or even chaotically. Gather runes to earn new powers that will help you survive the perils the other realms have to offer.

Originally released on the PC in June, it is now available on the go on the Nintendo Switch! The release will also herald a new Assist Mode which will give those felled by these earthly challenges some help. These options include higher jumps, longer invulnerability…or if you want to play like a true deity, God Mode!

If you still prepare your godly adventure on the PC. The Steam version of the title is available at 20% off until August 10th. Strictly Limited Games is also offering a physical version of the Switch version of Tiny Thor with pre-orders available now here.

Tiny Thor – Switch Release Trailer | The Hammer arrives on Nintendo:

Tiny Thor - Switch Release Trailer | The Hammer arrives on Nintendo

Tiny Thor is available now on the Nintendo eShop! Grab it today and join our norse god on his birthday adventure: