River City: Rival Showdown faces off once again this October

The River City franchise didn’t originate with Arc System Works (it originated with Technos), but unlike the usual step parent/child dynamic, the company has given the franchise much love and attention. In fact as part of the company’s 35th anniversary celebration, they’re re-releasing River City: Rival Showdown with enhancements.

Originally released on the 3DS, this remake features an adventure which takes place over the course of four days and your actions will determine the ending you will receive. Beating the title once will open up a new prequel scenario which puts you in control of Yamada, the instigator of the game’s events. You can also put the hurt on your friends locally and online when you duke it out in Double Dragon Duel with a roster that grows the more you play and fight new rivals in the main story mode.

River City: Rival Showdown will be taking it to the streets on October 12th for PC, Switch and PlayStation 4.

River City: Rival Showdown - Announcement Trailer

Continuing Arc System Works’ 35th Anniversary celebration, Arc System Works America, Inc. has announced that classic 2D action game River City: Rival Showdown will be digitally release in North America this October 12, 2023, for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4® and PC via Steam. Steam pre-orders are available now!
The original 3DS version of River City: Rival Showdown was released in 2016 to wide acclaim. Arc System Works is not only reviving the fan-favorite game for current consoles, but also giving it a full power-up of modernization to bring players the ultimate 2D action game experience. The updated 2023 edition includes all of the updates found on the 3DS version: the main game loaded with a much larger volume of settings and storylines, improved graphics and operability, and a brand-new prequel story mode to play through after you solve the main story’s mystery!
River City: Rival Showdown’s key features and new additions include:

  • Action-Packed Story of Conspiracy and Mystery – “Hot Blooded Story” – Following a mysterious evening attack on Kunio, he learns that Mami (girlfriend of his rival, Riki) has also been kidnapped. Following the timeline from three days before Mami’s kidnapping, Kunio and Riki band together alongside Kunio’s friends from Nekketsu High School, to solve the mystery and find Mami. Their search brings them to the source of the evil, Reiho Academy led by “Yamada”, where a heated battle begins…
  • Free Scenario System with Multiple Endings – Players must search and battle through different events to unravel the “Yamada” conspiracy and get to the truth. However, this story does not follow one set scenario, but is experienced non-linearly through a concept of time passing over a four-day period. This includes events scattered throughout the map, where events played during the first three in-game days will dictate events on the final fourth day and change game endings.
  • Item Collection & Special Abilities – While unraveling the story, visit the game’s “convenience stores” where recovery items can be purchased, “public baths” where HP (stamina) and SP (willpower) can be recovered, and “thrift stores” to buy equipment with special abilities. In addition, Special Moves have evolved to be more spectacular, while experience gained in battle can be used to enhance your status!
  • New Prequel Story Mode – “Cold-Blooded Hardcore Yamada-kun” – Enjoy an additional mode that can be played after clearing the main story mode (“Hot Blooded Story”). Take control of evil big boss “Yamada” and play the prequel to the incident. How did “Yamada” expand his ambitions? And what is his purpose? Experience the dark machinations behind the incident.

As a special add-on for fighting game fans, 2D action game Double Dragon Duel will also be included as an extra game mode! This mode allows players to enjoy fighting game-like action using a large number of characters, including hidden characters when certain conditions are met. Network play is also supported, so you can play with friends far away.

For more information on River City: Rival Showdown, please visit the Arc System Works website.