New Mortal Kombat 1 trailer gives us what we want…MORE NINJAS!

We still have a couple of months before we get our hands on the newest entry of Mortal Kombat. Thankfully the team at Netherrealm Studios is helping us pass the time with a constant feed of reveals about the cast that will be fighting in this new continuity. We learned that the Lin Kuei aren’t just ice wielding blue ninjas and in the latest trailer the colors go beyond blue and yellow.

In fact you could say they even have shades of gray, as Smoke is confirmed as another member of the clan in this timeline. Gone are his flowing gray locks, but hey it sure beats the palate swapped look he and the others sported in the pre-HD entries of Mortal Kombat, right? The same trailer which has the clan debating their role in Earthrealm, perhaps they should do more than defend it…perhaps lead it. Their journey will also put them in conflict with Rain, now an Outworld Mage with hydrokinetic powers.

So while we technically lost 1 ninja in the new continuity, we still have plenty of ninja representation in the form of Kameo Fighters. As we are treated to combat featuring Sektor, Cyrax, Frost, and Klassic Scorpion putting the hurt on kombatants.

As the trailer comes to a *ahem* jaw dropping conclusion we’re reminded that “it’s in our blood” and Mortal Kombat 1 will be coming September 19th for PC, Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-orders are available now and will net you a bonus kombatant in the form of Shang Tsung and guaranteed access to the upcoming Beta.

Mortal Kombat 1 - Official Lin Kuei Trailer