Me, Grimlock walk and talk thanks to Robosen!

San Diego Comic Con unofficially starts tonight with preview night, amongst sights and sounds that can be found on the show floor it seems like Robosen might be set to steal the show. The robotics company who has previously released robots such as the Auto Converting Optimus Prime, Bumblebee G1 Performance, is revealing the next G1 Transformer, the leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock!

In development since 2016, Grimlock is the most advanced robot revealed to date. It’s the first dual form bipedal robot, meaning it is able to walk in robot mode and dino mode. This auto-converting robot features IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors to ensure the mighty Grimlock will not take a spill while parading around your home.

Like all the previous Robosen releases, Grimlock can speak over 150 phrases, all of them recorded by Gregg Berger (The original voice actor of Grimlock in the ’80s cartoon) and some clips will be synced to actions the robot can perform. Controlling Grimlock can be done via two means, a Bluetooth compatible app that can be downloaded on your phone or 42 voice commands. These voice commands will be able make the leader of the dinobots walk, perform actions and of course convert. If you own one of the Optimus Primes you can have the two units re-enact scenes from the show via its “MiniTheater” mode.

Making its debut at the show, attendees can see it in action at Hasbro Pulse Booth (#3213), if you aren’t fortunate enough to attend, you can secure a unit for yourself at the Robosen or Hasbro Pulse website until September 30th. The Transformers Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot Flagship Collector’s Edition will cost $1,499 ($200 off its MSRP of $1,699). Grimlock will also sport accessories such as his plasma sword, rocket launcher and even a crown, the collector’s edition will be numbered and offer a collectible coin for all purchasers of this edition.

I’m glad after 2 non-converting robots that Robosen is getting back to making Transformers that convert. Grimlock is definitely a fan favorite and despite the hefty price tag I can’t imagine he will be available for long. If you’ve got the coin, I wouldn’t hesitate in securing one, or you better pray Robosen will put out an Elite version of this bot!