Robosen defects to the Decepticon cause with their latest auto converting Transformer

Their arrival was inevitable and thanks to the recent Hasbro Pulse Transformers Fanstream, but it seems Robosen Robotics has finally pledged their allegiance to the Decepticon cause with their newest Auto-Converting Transformer…Megatron. Ok maybe calling them defectors is a tad harsh, but it is awesome that the line which has seen the likes of Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Bumblebee finally get some bad guy representation!

The Flagship Megatron is 21” tall, utilizes 36 servo motors, 118 microchips, 112 LEDs to fuel it’s ability to walk, talk and of course convert into a tank (despite the many strides Robosen has made, I don’t think they’ve cracked how to remotely move a Walther P-38, but that’s ok a tank is pretty cool too!). Fans can control Megatron via voice commands or via app and if you own other Transformers from the line, the Decepticon Leader can interact with them via the mini-theater feature built into the Robot’s App. All the phrases uttered by Megatron are recorded by Frank Welker himself, thus continuing the trend of having the original voice actor portray the character in Robosen products.

If acquiring this latest product is a no brainer, Robosen is looking to reward your patronage. As for the next 30 days anyone who pre-orders the Flagship Megatron via the company’s online store will receive a $300 discount, putting the price at $899! So if you’ve gotten Robosen’s previous Transformers offerings, isn’t it time you gave those noble autobots someone evil to fight against?

Robosen Flagship Megatron product shots:

Robosen Flagship Megatron:

Robosen Flagship Megatron