Gunnar’s Arbor Collection goes Galactic with a new frame inspired by Marvel’s Groot

Plastic, Metal are usually the most common things used in glasses frames, but for the environmentally minded, wood is a viable option. So it makes sense that Gunnar Optiks, the leading developer of lenses that help fight eye fatigue, has a line of frames made of lumber. The Arbor Collection which consists of the Muir and Humboldt frames are now being joined by a new frame whose fibers are a bit more extra terrestrial.

Leveraging their partnership with MARVEL, Gunnar’s latest edition to the Arbor Collection is a set of frames inspired by everyone’s most misunderstood member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot! Constructed from Walnut and Carbon Fiber, the frames are fitted with flexible hinges to ensure a comfortable fit. It is available as sunglasses or as prescription frames, the lenses are coated with G-shield coating that will make them smudge resistant and anti-reflective. When not in use you can store the frames in a bespoke pouch which features the Guardians of the Galaxy logo.

The frames are available now on Gunnar’s website and at the end of the month on

Gunnar – Arbor Collection – Groot Edition: