Immortality awaits when you discover the Mark of the Deep

Media seems to make a pirate’s life one of ease. Sail the open seas, plunder booty, but you know for every crew that makes it big, many will enjoy a one way trip to Davy Jones’ Locker! Which result will befall Marcus “Rookie” Ramsey?

In Mad Mimic’s latest title, Mark of the Deep, Marcus must fight his way through a cursed isle, defeat the cult known as the Old Folks, rescue his fellow crewmen and perhaps even discover the secrets of eternal life. Mark of the Deep features gameplay that can be best described as Metroidvania mixed with souls-like. As you push forward in your journey you will gain abilities that will aid your survival and open up new areas. But don’t rush too quickly into the unknown as there are plenty of strong enemies waiting to release you from this mortal coil!

The title will be coming to PC and consoles sometime in 2024. PC gamers can wishlist the title via the game’s Steam Product page.

Mark of the Deep – Game Trailer:

Mark of the Deep - Game Trailer

Mark of the Deep – art/screens: