Sonic Central brings a metric ton of news on the hedgehog’s 32nd birthday!

June 23rd is the day that the world met Sonic the Hedgehog and since then the blue hedgehog has blast processed his way into our hearts. Today SEGA and Sonic Team broadcasted a new edition of Sonic Central, a repository for all Sonic related news. Hosted by Ivo Gerscovich and Takashi Iizuka, we ‘re treated to roughly 20 minutes regarding games, physical goods and everyone’s favorite chili dog connoisseur.

Games take the lead and the first reveal is Sonic Origins gets repackaged and renamed to Sonic Origins Plus. Plus takes those classic console and game gear games and enhances them with new playable characters, challenges and wide screen support. The birthday celebration comes to Starfall islands as Sonic’s Birthday Bash Update will be coming out today for free. This update will bring birthday decorations, new moves, cosmetics, and a New Game Plus. letting you enjoy the story of Sonic Frontiers will all your upgrades intact! For those who enjoy Roblox, a dapper Sonic will be coming to the Sonic Speed Simulator as a skin of Classic Sonic in a tux will let you run around while looking oh so sharp!

Sonic Origins Plus - Launch Trailer

Seems like everyone’s into multiverses and Sonic isn’t one that’s above chasing trends and the concept is heavily used in Sonic Prime, an animated show that airs exclusively on Netflix. In conflict against Robotnik, Sonic destroys the Paradox Prism and creates the Shatterverse. A new season will be debuting on July 13th as we watch Sonic and his unlikely ally, Shadow travel to various Shatter Spaces” to collect the prism shards to restore the Paradox Prism! See Sonic and his friends in all new forms in this 3D animated series created by WildBrain Studios and Man of Action Entertainment (Ben10).

We pivot back to games as Sonic will be cameoing in Samba De Amigo Party Central and Samba De Amigo (for Meta headsets). He’s not coming empty handed as he’ll be bringing Escape from the City (Sonic Adventure 2) and Fist Bump (Sonic Forces) to the 40+ music tracks that you’ll be shaking your maracas to. You can also perform on a stage that is inspired by that epic chase from Sonic Adventure 2.

The Sonic Symphony revealed its first two dates last month and today we learned about all the cities this tour will be visiting (and none of them are New York…have we dropped off that badly?). US stops include Los Angeles, Boston, Portland and Washington DC. International stops covers London, Paris, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. Full details of dates and ticket availability can be found on the tour’s website and tickets will go on sale on June 28th. Each show promises to have special guests and surprises so don’t dawdle or you’ll be left in the dust!

Did you know Tails is a streaming superstar? Well I sure didn’t. Tailstube is an in-universe show where Tails answers fan questions with various guests. The show seems to release on an irregular schedule, but this segment acts as a pledge that new episodes are being made.

This next segment is sure to separate you and your money, but at least you and your home will be covered in blue! Toys from Jakks Pacific, Footwear from Crocs, Streetwear from Hypland, controller caddies from Cable Guys, an impressive looking statue depicting Sonic and Shadow standing back to back from S-Fire, a branded guitar from ESP, coolers from Igloo and finally Amy’s getting the spotlight with a one-shot comic from IDW Publishing.

Speaking of Comics, Sonic is heading to San Diego Comic Con from June 20th to the 23rd in the form of a Pop-Up Restaurant. There will definitely be chili dogs and I’m predicting at least onion rings! For more details keep your eyes peeled on the various Sonic the Hedgehog social media channels.

LEGO extends their partnership with Sonic with a series of new sets. Also there is a chuckle worthy introduction of a brand new Robotnik minifig which fixes his less than handsome depiction on the line’s inaugural set. Details of these new sets can be found on LEGO’s website.

Announced at Summer Game Fest Sonic Superstars marks the return of Sonic’s original character design Naoto Ohshima and he sat down with Takashi Iizuka to discuss their motivation for this title and various other subjects. The full video can be seen on YouTube. The game will be coming to all platforms this fall and will feature brand new zones, 4 player local multiplayer. The game will also receive LEGO skins.

Well it was one hell of Sonic Central packed with games, animation and merchandise news. However it was a tad disappointing that the movie news was relegated to a one liner that reveals the 3rd movie will be coming in late 2024. Otherwise if you’re a Sonic fan, you’re gonna be plenty occupied in 2023!

Sonic Central – June 23rd, 2023:

Sonic Central - June 23rd, 2023