Robosen’s Optimus Prime is about to get some backup!

Robosen wow’d Transformers fans when they released their line of self converting Optimus Prime. Well the robotics company is looking to keep those jaws on the floor with their new performance series of robots and the first to roll out in this line is none other than the loyal Bumblebee!

Bumblebee G1 Performance takes on his iconic G1 look (Yellow Volkswagen Beetle) and is capable of two walking speeds, the ability to perform poses Flagship/Elite Optimus Prime can’t do such as single leg squats and kneeling down. Bumblebee can even return to a vertical position after falling down. This robot has many of the features that the Autobot leader has such as voice command, user programmable poses and 69 voice lines from the original voice actor of G1 Bumblebee, Dan Gilvezan! Using the Mini Theater mode Bumblebee can interact with either model of Robosen’s Optimus Prime, you can reenact famous scenes from the 1980s cartoon.

The Bumblebee G1 Performance Robot is currently available for pre-order on Robosen’s website. It certainly will be the centerpiece of any Transformers fans’ collection!

Robosen Bumblebee G1 Performance Robot  product shots: