Optimus Prime is all Elite… thanks to Robosen Robotics

Robosen made the dreams of millions of 80s kids come true when unleashed onto the world an Transformer toy that would automatically convert (That?s how Hasbro calls it?I swear). The Flagship Optimus Prime was released last year with a hefty price tag that many now-grown 80s kids were willing to pay. The robotics company however didn?t feel like resting on their laurels and asked?what if we could make it lighter and more compact. The answer to their quandary has been revealed?as they have announced the Elite Optimus Prime. While 3 inches shorter than its Flagship brother, the Elite boasts a weight loss of 2lbs while retaining similar functionality.

That means the 80 voice phrases (spoken by the original VA of Optimus Peter Cullen) and the 43 voice commands are possible with this newer model. What else did the Elite lose? How about more than 300 dollars off the price! Perhaps this will make 80s kids who held off open their wallets now? The Elite Optimus Prime is ready to roll out via the Robosen Online Store and Amazon.com.

Robosen – Elite Optimus Prime product shots:

Robosen Robotics, a leading innovator in the field of robotics, today announced they have once again collaborated with Hasbro to create an awe-inspiring, interactive TRANSFORMERS robot – the new ?Elite Optimus Prime.? Fans of the original cartoon and blockbuster movies can now enjoy bringing to life the leader of the Autobots with this collectible robot featuring advanced programmable capabilities, voice-activated interactions and state-of-the-art auto-converting technology. The Elite Optimus Prime is available for purchase at Robosen.com and retails for $699.00 USD.

Featuring over 5,000 components, including an incredible 60 microchips and 27 high-precision servo motors, the 16-inch tall Elite Edition Optimus Prime is crafted and engineered by Robosen?s talented robotic experts to provide fans an unparalleled interactive experience. The new robot is a lighter, more compact version of the limited edition Flagship Optimus Prime robot that launched last year and features all of the same capabilities. The Flagship robot is currently available on Robosen.com for $1,200USD.

Equipped with 80 phrases voiced by the legendary actor Peter Cullen, and over 43 pre-installed commands, this authentically designed Optimus Prime comes ready for battle and entertainment right out of the box. You can walk, punch, blast, drive and convert your Autobot leader at the touch of a button, the swipe of your finger or at the command of your voice.

To add to the endless creative opportunities, the advanced programming capabilities come to life with the Robosen app, allowing users to customize their Elite Optimus Prime with their own unique actions and sequences.

The Elite Optimus Prime comes with a premium foam protective travel case, the Engergon Axe with swivel back grip, the Ion Blaster with integrated light and switch (built-in battery included on the Blaster), a charging adapter and two built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (1200mAh).

?We are excited to bring this lighter, more compact Optimus Prime to fans of the franchise,? said Sean Tang, Director of Robosen USA. ?The re-engineered scale offers a smooth, fast conversion, making the Elite Optimus Prime more agile and speedy, which we?re thrilled to once again bring to life for all our fans and customers, through our collaboration with Hasbro.?