Arcadian Atlas takes its turn on July 27th

A games journalists’ inbox is something I wouldn’t wish upon no one. The volumes of emails we receive means we have to make tough decisions every day in an attempt to try to bring news and coverage to our constituents. Things will slip through the cracks, but other avenues certainly can pick up the slack.

Arcadian Atlas is definitely one that slipped through the cracks, but thanks to an algorithmically served tweet (see maybe Elon’s bird app isn’t that bad…no? Carry on) I was able to discover this game that evokes Final Fantasy Tactics to a tee!

Set in the land of Arcadia, a pair of lovers struggle to stay pledged to the current queen or illegitimate heir as they fight for what they feel is rightfully theirs. Recruit a party who can enroll into 1 of 12 classes as you fight to secure the future of Arcadia and quell the civil war that has broken out.

Arcadian Atlas will be coming to PC on July 27th and consoles later this year.

Arcadian Atlas - Release Date Reveal Trailer

Publisher Serenity Forge and developer Twin Otter Studios today slashed through their opponents with a brand-new gameplay trailer showcasing the release date for the gorgeous tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas, launching July 27 on PC and coming to consoles later this year. Wishlist the game today:

Today’s release date trailer showcases a small glimpse at the deeply strategic combat and tense choices you’ll need to make if you hope to save the vibrant, historical world of Arcadia next month:

Arcadian Atlas is a unique, narrative-driven isometric tactical RPG set in Arcadia, a nation tearing itself apart via political factions and treacherous intrigues just as ancient evil forces begin to awaken. With a queen willing to do anything to ascend to the throne, no one is safe.

In order to save Arcadia, players need to build an elite party of adventurers from more than 12 unique classes, each with their own custom skill trees and equipment ranging from potion-brewing apothecaries to magic-channeling warmancers. Strategic, turn-based battles will determine the fate of both the kingdom of Arcadia and its people. Every single action counts; just one wrong move could tear your party and the land itself apart for good.

The stunning pixel art of Arcadian Atlas pairs with the game’s rich story that will push players into tough, emotionally driven choices and send them down an unforgettable path. No one is safe now that the Atlas, a power that can change life in an instant, has been unleashed.
Arcadian Atlas is launching on July 27 for PC and on consoles later this year. For more information about Arcadian Atlas, please visit

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