No lies here, you can play the Lies of P demo indefinitely!

I’m sure Geppetto would have a smile on his face to see how popular his boy has become. During the recent Steam Next Fest, the demo of Neowiz’s souls-like Lies of P had become one of the most played demos of the event and led to an uptick of the number of times the title was wishlisted on Valve’s platform. In order to let fans play around in the small slice of Krat and perhaps let word of mouth reach new players, Neowiz will be extending the availability of the demo indefinitely. Meaning if you haven’t tried the title, you’ll have plenty of time to do so before the game’s September 19th release date.

The demo consists of 2 chapters of the game’s overall story and will have you fighting 2 massive bosses that will test your wits and combat prowess. If you’re still not convinced to check it out, we have a recap of the demo and the guys of Pressed for Time shared their thoughts on the demo as well!

Lies of P will become a real game on September 19th on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms and that’s no lie!