Persona x Pawsonify gives your pets some Phantom Thieves flair!

I?m all for letting your fandom flag fly, but if you?re gonna wear a high collar jacket and a phantom mask in your day to day life, you?re probably gonna get some odd looks and chuckles. However if you?re a pet owner and you want to show your love for the Phantom Thieves — Pawsonify is here to give you some subtle Persona 5 branded pet accessories that might let you show your allegiance and perhaps even steal the hearts of anyone you fancy.

This special collection which is available starting today and encompasses leashes, collars and ID tags featuring Joker, Panther, Skull and Fox (Don?t worry I?m sure the other members will be made available at a later time?).

Persona x Pawsonify product shots:

It?s wild how wide a reach Persona has gotten in the last couple of years and I certainly hope this collection sees success so that SEGA might do more with their various IPs. I always lament all the cool stuff the Japanese get. We’re certainly seeing our share now, but most of it is localized to the West Coast. Guess I should do my part and grab an ID tag or something, do I look like a Panther or Oracle?