Eat like a Samurai as SEGA teams up with Shin-Sen-Gumi for a Like a Dragon: Ishin! collaboration

I really applaud SEGA?s out of the box promotional tactics when it comes to celebrating the launches of their titles. As we await the debut of the lost Like a Dragon title, Like a Dragon: Ishin! SEGA has teamed up with Shin-Sen-Gumi restaurant group for a meal worthy of a Joshi (High Rank Samurai).

Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen, whose restaurants are spread across the Los Angeles and Orange County regions will be offering up a special meal set from February 21st to March 6 to commemorate Like a Dragon: Ishin!?s launch. The Samurai Meal set will consist of a bowl of Hakata Ramen (Ramen from the Hakata region which consists of hearty pork broth ramen with chashu pork, green onion, pickled ginger and sesame seed) , a choice of side which includes karaage (boneless fried chicken pieces) or takoyaki (squid filled fried batter ball) and a green tea. Purchasers of these meals will be offered one of four collectible coasters while supplies last.

As a big fan of Like a Dragon it absolutely kills me that I will miss the collaboration by a couple of days. So if you happen to enjoy this meal, please take some photos of the store and how it?s decorated! While I spin up an eBay search to see if anyone is selling these collectible coasters, you can get your hands on the game today if you order the digital deluxe edition, while the physical and non-deluxe digital editions of Like a Dragon: Ishin! Will be available on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on February 21st.