Persona 5 x Matte Black brings the Phantom Thieves back to L.A.

Looks like the Phantom Thieves are back in L.A. again. After several food truck/cafe collaborations during this year?s Anime Expo, those heart takers are back teaming up with Matte Black Coffee to celebrate Persona 5 Royal coming to Xbox Game Pass (quite the esoteric excuse, but hey I ain?t complaining). Situated in Downtown L.A., the store will be decorated with Persona 5 artwork and decorations. Coffee fans can try the Apple Beet ?Persona 5 Royal Latte? which consists of cold brew coffee with milk and apple/beet juice, they can also pick up T-shirts, Hoodies and Totebags featuring both brands? logos.This collaboration will be running for one month, started today October 14th and ending November 11th.

Persona 5 Royal finally hits non-PlayStation platforms on October 21st and let?s hope similar collaborations will happen with Persona 4 and Persona 3 eventually escapes PlayStation exclusivity, but guys let?s do some celebrating in a city outside of Los Angeles.

Persona 5 x Matte Black Coffee product shots: