Road 96: Mile 0 explores the motivation of Zoe in this prequel to Road 96

PAX East 2022, in between appointments I found myself idling at publisher Plaion?s booth. I picked up the controller for their procedurally generated road trip title Road 96 and started playing. It was something that was on my radar, probably in my library but something I haven?t played. However on that show floor I found myself milling about a RV Park talking to a music loving redhead. Something about the dialogue kept my attention despite all the lights and sounds of that show floor and I found myself playing longer than I should?ve. I made a mental note that I definitely need to sit down and complete this game from start to finish. Unfortunately I?m bad at keeping my word when it comes to completing games, but publisher Ravenscourt and developer DigiXart might?ve inadvertently lit a fire under my ass with an announcement yesterday.

Road 96 is getting a prequel titled Road 96: Mile 0 and one Deuteronomist is that redhead that I met in the RV park last April. Road 96: Mile 0 tells the story of Zoe (the redhead) and Kaito and how the latter influenced the former to make the trek to the border in the first game. Mile 0 will chart Zoe progress from complacent to the politically aware through ?metaphorical music sequences? that you have a hand in crafting how Zoe evolves.

The announcement trailer released with the announcement also shows that another character from the first title, the somewhat vapid Sonya will be playing some sort of role in the narrative. So hey who knows what other characters from the first game might show up in this rhythmic prequel?

I guess I better get cracking on the first game because Road 96: Mile 0 is coming out digitally on April 4th to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Road 96: Mile 0 screens:

Road 96: Mile 0 – Announcement Trailer [NA]:

Road 96: Mile 0 - Announcement Trailer [NA]

We are thrilled to announce Road 96: Mile 0, the prequel of the critically acclaimed Road 96.

Set on White Sands, Petria?s only luxurious community, the game takes place just before the road trip which started in the summer of 1996. Players will alternate between the roles of Zoe and Kaito, two teenagers with opposite backgrounds and beliefs.

Road 96: Mile 0 is a narrative adventure game with a musical component developed by DigixArt and published by Ravenscourt launching on digital platforms on April 4th.