Learn Zoe’s motivation to leave Petria in Road 96: Mile 0, available now

If I were ever committed to tackling my backlog, DigixArt and Ravenscourt?s Road 96, a first person adventure title that had so much heart that it even moved my cold dead self. Well today, completing that game will require even more time as the prequel features the character who caught my attention the most (Sorry Stan and Mitch, one of you might share my name?but the girl trying to hitchhike across the border with a trombone intrigued me more).

Road 96: Mile 0 serves as a backstory to Zoe, one of the people you would meet along the way in that hitchhiking adventure. Mile 0 seeks to illuminate why she left a life of comfort to escape a country that is falling into authoritarianism. The game will feature 1st person gameplay from the first title and will debut rhythm sequences taking place inside the minds of Zoe and newcomer Kaito.

The game will debut as a standalone purchase or it can be purchased as part of the ?Stronger Together? or the ?Full Journey? bundle which bundles it with the game?s soundtrack and the interactive eBook Road 96: About a Girl. The ebook acts as a bridge between the two games and will let you view certain events from a different perspective. The ?Full Journey? bundle trumps the ?Stronger Together? bundle by including the original Road 96 and is great for someone who wants to buy everything from the franchise with one purchase.

Road 96: Mile 0 is available today on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Road 96: Mile 0 – Launch Trailer:

Road 96: Mile 0 - Launch Trailer

Challenge your beliefs with #Road96 #Mile0 coming out today!
What is Petria trying to hide? Want to know what happened before Zoe?s departure? Find the truth with her and Kaito!
Road 96: Mile 0 is a narrative adventure game with a musical component developed by DigixArt and published by Ravenscourt.