Shinobi non Grata is one hell of a pun title, hopefully it’s also one hell of a game as well

Hell of a title aside, Shinobi non Grata looks like a throwback to side scrolling titles of yesterday. The Oboro Itt? clan has made a pact with demons in order to overthrow the government and only Kaina, a descendant of a demon fighting ninja clan can stave off this dastardly plot. Unsheath your blade Murasame, equip your ninja tools such as shuriken, chained sickle and even harness the power of static electricity to slay the demons disturbing the peace. You?ll need every piece of equipment you can muster since the bosses that stand in your way a motley lot, including a skeletal samurai, a kirin, and including the very historically accurate giant crab (here?s hoping you can flip it over to deal massive damage)!

For those looking to put this game on your shelf, Strictly Limited Games will be handling the distribution for this title. Starting on January 29th, you can visit the SLG website to either order the Standard Edition or the Special Limited Edition. The SLE will include a collector?s box, sticker sheet, posters, a pin of Kaina, a necklace with Murasame and a copy of the soundtrack.

Act quickly as the SLE has a limited print run of 700 copies per platform (Switch/PS4) while the regular edition has a print run of 2500 for Switch and 1300 for PS4. These physical editions are expected to ship Autumn of 2023 and the game?s release date itself is still TBA.

Shinobi non Grata screens:


Shinobi non Grata – Limited Edition Trailer:

Shinobi non Grata - Limited Edition Trailer

Shinobi non Grata – Limited and Special Limited Edition will be available for pre-order from 29th January – Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4!

About Shinobi non Grata:
It is 1838, the 9th year of the Tenp? era – a time of turmoil in Japan.
Genba Kisaragi, leader of the Oboro Itt? clan forms an alliance with demons to overthrow the bakufu government.
Only one dares stands before them; Kaina, the descendent of a bloodline of shinobi specialized in fighting demons.
Grab your trusty sword Murasame and survive the bloodshed in this hardcore 2D ninja action game!

Discover many different locations like an abandoned shrine, a valley of ghosts, or a ninja mansion, and defeat the boss at the end of each. But watch out, they won?t go down easily.