Super Heroes clash with Saiyans in the latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC packs

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has been out for 6 years and the title’s roster has ballooned up to 123 characters with a slew of DLC that pulls from Z, Super and the various movies that had come out after the titles launch, Today Bandai Namco has announced that even more updates are coming with a free update as well as a paid one dubbed “Hero of Justice” pack in a new trailer released last week.

The free update went live on November 9th and includes free cosmetics, new attacks, collectibles…and I kid you not, loading screen illustrations. I’d never thought I would see loading screens touted in a trailer, but here we are.

The first part of the paid Hero of Justice pack is out today and is themed around the recently released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that hit theaters earlier this year. Gamma 1 and 2, the heroic Androids who were duped into thinking the Z-Fighters were villains will be playable. Gamma 1 sports his blaster and Gamma 2 has his holographic sound effects that puts an oomph to his attacks. The 3rd new character is the Son Gohan (DBS Super Hero), who reluctantly has to put on his gi once again and throw hands after his daughter Pan has been kidnapped by the once again revived Red Ribbon Army. The trailer also provided a tease of pack 2’s combatants, Orange Piccolo and if I was a betting man, the last two fighters would be quite a “Beast” and another who would push any fighter to the MAX.

It’s frankly praise worthy that this title has had such a long support and has kept up with Dragon Ball lore and kept players coming back with new limited time events and roster expansions. One hopes this continues and we’ll be able to come back and say Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 hits a double digit anniversary. In the meantime Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is available physically and digitally on PC (digital only), Switch the PlayStation and Xbox platforms now.


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Pack 1 features Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and Gohan (DBS Super Hero)! Hero of Justice Pack 2 coming soon !

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