Expansion teams arrive to bring the pain in Mutant Football League

As the ultra violent spiritual success to 16-bit EA Sports title, Mutant Football League keeps the hits coming with its 2022 season. Adding 4 new teams to the roster, we?re gonna be visiting more deadly stadiums in this broken land. The first is the Diami Krakens, whose home Hard Schlock stadium features piranhas that would take your leg out if you get your feet wet. New Yuck, New Yuck, a town so great you have to say it twice is home of the Threats. A team rebuilding around their Sophomore QB, they?ll find themselves at home at Threatlife stadium which sports hazards such as buzzsaws, landmines and moats filled with blood!

In quite the twist compared to the real world, a team from Ohio might actually be good. Sporting a killer QB/WR combo, the Sinsonasty Mangles could be quite a threat during the playoffs. Can players bring the Mayhem Bowl to Concrete Jungle Stadium. The final expansion team plays in a stadium whose name got a chuckle out of me, Insurrection Field is the home of the Brainwashington Cadavers. I?m curious if the team went through the same name change scandal their real-life counterpart went through.

Regardless, each of these teams, their stadium and their theme song will be available for $1 each on and they are available today! Get one, or get them all, LET?S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL! Mutant Football League is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Switch.

Mutant Football League – 2022 DLC screens:

Mutant Football League – 2022 DLC Trailer:

Mutant Football League - 2022 DLC Trailer

he dawn of the latest MFL season brings a round of Mutant Football League DLC along with it, featuring four dreadfully exciting teams. Each new team comes with their own deathly home stadium and killer theme song.

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