Fill your Steam library with Resident Evil games, thanks to Humble Bundle

Earlier the month Humble Bundle helped the Walking Dead a decading in gaming with a game bundle, and today Humble is going back to the zombie well in helping Resident Evil celebrate 

?Decades of Horror? with a newly released bundle which will be available until August 24th. Containing PC versions of the mainline titles (0-4 being the remake versions), and Revelations games which strung together scenarios set in the Resident Evil universe. Since humble bundles work with tiered pricing here?s what you?ll get for the various pricing milestones. For a single dollar you?ll get the remake of the Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Revelations and for some reason the Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 1 DLC.

Paying $10 dollars will net you everything in the first tier as well as Resident Evil Revelations 2 base game, Resident Evil 5 Gold and Resident Evil 6. Any payee shelling out $30 or more will net everything the bundle is offering as well as a 50% off coupon for Resident Evil Village. This is a great opportunity to grab many of the titles in this perennial horror series on PC and as with all Humble purchases proceeds can go to Direct Relief which offers medical aid to all people regardless of race, politics or creed.