Duke Nukem Forever and more in the latest 2K Humble Bundle

I?m here to buy games to benefit charities and chew bubblegum?and I?m all out of gum. Yes, the folks at Humble Bundle and 2K Games have teamed up once again to separate my money from my wallet?but as usual it?s for a good cause! 2K Megahits Bundle will include, you guessed it, hits from the 2K catalog. That includes Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition, The BioShock Collection, Civilization VI, XCOM Ultimate Collection, Duke Nukem Forever Collection, some golf games (I guess there?s charts even I don?t check) and more!

Proceeds of this bundle will benefit Covenant House, a charity which assists youths battling homelessness. The bundle can be found here and you have 2 weeks to take advantage of this Sale. So WOULD YOU KINDLY pick up a bundle for yourself and maybe for a friend?