Humble Bundle is helping The Walking Dead celebrate 10 years in gaming

April 2012, the world met Lee Everett and the tale of his navigating a zombie infested world with his newly found ward Clementine. For 10 years we managed to get stories out of the world crafted by Robert Kirkman from a variety of game studios separate from the popular comic book.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, Skybound has teamed up with Humble Bundle to offer a selection of Walking Dead games whose proceeds can go to SpecialEffect and Covenant House. A single dollar can net you season 1 and 2 of the Walking Dead point and click title along with its add-on 400 days.

Paying the average price will net you the previous items and 3 other seasons of the point and click games, one being the one focused on fan favorite, Michonne. 11 dollars will net you everything in the bundle which includes The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, the VR first person shooter set in New Orleans, which will be getting a sequel in the near future. This bundle will only be active until August 17th, so don?t get it soon before the walkers do!