Doge Trader is a satirical PC experience in a Doge Eat Doge world

Just when you thought the Doge meme was about to be put to sleep, A creative collective based remotely all around Poland by the name of RymPow brings an in depth, thought provoking and absurd perspective on the crypto industry. Experience the ups and down of crypto risk free, from the comfort of your own home from the perspective of an inquisitive canine.

Lead Developer Dominik Zielinski says: ?Doge Trader? is a mix between a one button clicker, meme game and a visual novel all sauced up with leveling abilities and perks, meaningful choices and resource management.

At a time of uncertainty in the Crypto space and crypto in video games, what a better time to get a better understanding of it. As noted by Dominik: ?Is crypto good or bad? It?s neither, it?s just something we will have to live with from now on. With Doge Trader, I wanted the game to be fun and have a lot of replay value, but also to teach about the crypto market?.

Learn how to navigate the Stonks market and comply with new polices and rule changes involving crypto. The game is being developed for PC and will be released on Steam in late 2022.

Doge Trader screens:

DogeTrader Stream Announcement Trailer:

DogeTrader - Steam Announcement Trailer

Experience the ups and downs of crypto from a perspective of a troubled canine that is trying to finally find out how to trade magic internet money everyone is talking about.

While you’re at it, why not get involved in some absolutely non-scammy practice of buying and selling JPG-s. JPG-s are just images on the internet everyone can download but you can pay to have your name listed as their owner and earn big bucks by flipping them. There is a big market for that, give it a go!

Level up your abilities! There are a bunch to choose from, among others the elusive art of reversing time. Remember to never invest anything without acquiring that crucial ability first! Just be on the safe side.

Oh dang it’s crypto winter! Well don’t worry, maybe we can just wait it out! Oh what? “Fear Uncertainty Doubt” is in again? And everyone is proclaiming the blockchain apocalypse and your investment is going to zero? Ah well, seems like just another day in crypto. When moon?

As the game starts, it’s easy to buy and sell such that you make profit. In time everything becomes less and less predictable, and as the old saying goes: The market may behave crazy for a period of time longer than, you can remain sane. Strategize, create your very own ability build. Enjoy the story development, unique to each play trough and filled with meaningful choices. And occasional GPU shortages.

Proper understanding of the market will allow you to make strategic decisions, about your investment, buy, sell or HODL! Such excitement: going to the moon, panic selling, making fun of crypto celebrities, creating market manipulation and pioneering in the “Internet of Things”. Doge Trader has it all.

Experience the roller coaster of crypto from the convenience of your living room and without the actual risk

DISCLAIMER: the game, is not connected to any real blockchain, and any game actions have no real bearing on any outside distributed database, a.k.a. blockchain