Fall is the perfect season to enter the Deathverse!

We?re a little over 2 months removed from the Deathverse: Let it Die network test and the team has gathered and analyzed the data culled from it, it seems they were confident enough to finally provide a release window for the free to play melee battle royale. In a post that dropped today on the PlayStation Blog, Supertrick Games producer Shuji Ishikawa recapped the concept behind the game, went into details of some of the weapons potential contestants would be wielding and most importantly, revealed that the game will be coming out in the fall.

As someone who participated in both days of the network test, won and lost some matches (mostly lost?but who?s counting), the game?s smaller arena and indigenous threats gave it an aura of chaos. Contestants can pop out of nowhere to turn a duel into a 3 or even 4 way dance. Cryptids which inhabit the arena are just as capable of ending your time on the show as any other contestant. Don?t even get me started on the fear you feel when the unstoppable Hunter sets their sight on you, relentlessly chasing until you get out of their visual range.

The highs of being interviewed by either host of Death Jamboree post match or the lows of falling to your death in the blood red sea at the start of the match, all these emotions and more will be yours to experience when Deathverse: Let it Die finally arrives on PlayStation platforms this Fall!