Atari prepares to celebrate its golden anniversary with a new logo

Atari was one of the few companies that stood at the forefront of the home console revolution, but alas has…well taken an arrow to knee since the mid ’80s. The company persevered through ownership changes, and kept mostly in the video game industry, but the brand did show up in some other industries including apparel, crypto currencies and most recently hotels. 2022 will mark the company?s 50th anniversary and with that a new logo was revealed today.

Dubbed ?GoldSchool Sunnyvale?, a word play on the fact the 50th anniversary is the ?gold? anniversary, the word ?old school? and the town which the company was founded, this logo will appear alongside the standard logo which apparently is named ?Fuji?. GoldSchool Sunnyvale will make it?s appearances in marketing, media and products (first party and licensed) during the anniversary year. Some of the products will include T-shirts, a limited edition Atari VCS system, and a 50th Anniversary Games Collection (platforms pending) which will include remasters of key titles, along with archival documents and history regarding the company?s most famous titles.

Let?s hope the next 50 years will be good if not better for this globally recognizable brand!