Pac-Man and San Francisco Giants team up to urge people to run!

Pac-Man is primarily known as a glutton (Fruit is technically healthy, but I?m not sure what?s in power pellets though?), however he does have to dodge all these ghosts to chow down. So it kinda makes sense that Bandai Namco and Giants Enterprise teamed up to present PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge: Level Up 2022, an at your own pace virtual running event.

Those interested can sign up at the Giant Race website starting today March 24th and prospective runners can partake in 3 levels of challenge and a 4th challenge upon completing the initial set. All participants will receive a racing kit sent to them that contains a medal, a racing bib and a pennant. Almost makes me want to pay the entrance fee and put on some running shoes.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has announced a brand new, worldwide PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge race today as part of its partnership with Giants Enterprises, the development and entrepreneurial arm of the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball franchise. Presented by Alaska Airlines, this unique partnership aims to inspire individuals and families from all backgrounds to participate in fitness and lifestyle events. Additional information and registration details for PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge: Level Up 2022 can be found here:

Starting today, individuals can sign up to be a part of the PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge: Level Up 2022 and race their way through three unique levels by walking, jogging, or running anytime and anywhere in the world. All registrants will receive a PAC-MAN Virtual Challenge Race Kit including a finisher?s medal, collectible baseball pennant, and commemorative race bib to celebrate their accomplishments.

Registrants will be tasked to complete 1, 2, or all 3 levels of the challenge, and participants who complete all levels will unlock a final BONUS level. We encourage participants to devote more time to running outside (or on their treadmill at home) for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and support them to do their best PAC-MAN impression by walking, jogging, or running on their own time, anywhere in the world.