Meet the demons of Project Warlock II

It?s always nice to know the name of something before you kill it because that will make the tales you tell at the tavern afterwards that much more robust and descriptive. Well the team at Buckshot Software is doing us a solid with its new trailer for their upcoming title Project Warlock 2. In it you?ll get a rundown of all the demons you?ll be slicing or shooting as you defend your castle in the first of the game?s three planned chapters.

From the lowly ghoul, to the appropriately named ?The Shambler?, there will be plenty of fodder to test your guns, sword and even a spell or two. Those looking to create some pixelated demon giblets won?t have to wait long as Project Warlock II will be coming to Early Access on Steam in June 2022.

Project Warlock II – Meet the Demons – Gameplay Trailer:

Project Warlock II - Meet the Demons - Gameplay Trailer

Developer Buckshot Software and publisher Retrovibe announced the launch window and details of the retro shooter Project Warlock II. A new gameplay trailer with adrenaline-pumping action has also been revealed today during the MIX 10th Anniversary Online Showcase.

Project Warlock II will be released in Early Access on Steam and GOG in June 2022. It will offer the first single-player chapter out of the planned three, each featuring its own playable protagonist. In June you will be stepping into the shoes of Palmer, who will need to defend his home castle from an onslaught of invading demons.

The developer revealed that each chapter of Project Warlock II will consist of 6 huge, sprawling levels up to 10 times bigger than any individual level in the original game. The game?s world evolved into vertical, three-dimensional, multi-floored structures, platforms, and buildings that literally elevate the gameplay.

Early Access of Project Warlock II is planned for about 1 year. The developers will gather feedback and refine gameplay while working on the remaining chapters of the game. Specific release date in June 2022 will be revealed soon. A playable demo is already available on both PC storefronts.