Curse Energy and Ninja Gum make a potent combination in Ninjala Season 9

The flavor in Ninja Gum will not go bland as another season of Ninjala is on the horizon. Season 9 will be bug themed and dedicated players can unlock new cosmetics and various rewards. However, that’s not the only thing that will be happening on March 10th. The Jujutsu Sorcerers of Jujutsu Kaisen will be crossing over with the combatants of the World Ninja Association. Players can unlock costumes of characters such as Yuji Itadori, Satoru Gojo, Mahito,Ryomen Sukuna, Suguru Geto and more.

The cursed tools of Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, Kento Nanami, and Maki Zen?in will also be up for grabs during the event which is set to last until April 13th. Finally the Jujutsu Kaisen Cup will allow players to compete to win limited-edition IPPON Decorations, Emotes, Gacha Coins, Gold Medals. Will you rank high enough to earn the exclusive ?Cursed Energy Release” emote? Ninjala is a free to play arena brawler available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Ninjala – Dev Diary #22:

Ninjala - Dev Diary #22

Control the flow of your Cursed Energy, as Ninjala will be teaming up with JUJUTSU KAISEN for its upcoming ninth season. Announced today in Ninjala?s latest developer diary, the collaboration will let players show their support for the Jujutsu Sorcerers in-training from Jujutsu High, starting March 10 through April 13.

Check out Dev Diary #22 here.

JUJUTSU KAISEN Collaboration

Plenty of Cursed Objects and ?killer? events will drop with this new collab, including:

  • Outfits: Dress as the main characters of JUJUTSU KAISEN with 12 new outfits! Show your love for Yuji Itadori, Satoru Gojo, Mahito, and more. Players can also win costumes of the dastardly Ryomen Sukuna and Suguru Geto in special collab Gum Gacha.
  • Ninja-Gums: Wield the weapons of Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, Kento Nanami, and Maki Zen?in with five event-exclusive Ninja-Gums, available from the collab Gum Gacha. 
  • Collab Emotes: Pair the intense look of the sorcerers of JUJUTSU KAISEN with new Emotes that model their attacks.
  • Gum Utsusemi: You can have your own Cursed Corpses with Gum Utsusemi based on Tsukamoto and Cathy.

The ?JUJUTSU KAISEN Cup? is a six-hour Ranking Battle open to all regions on April 9. Compete to win limited-edition IPPON Decorations, Emotes, Gacha Coins, and Gold Medals. The top 4,000 finalists will receive a rare ?Cursed Energy Release? Emote. 

Ninjala will be bringing back the Battle Frequency Bonus! It is broken into two time periods, and you can earn a collab Sticker for both. Play in 20 battles before time runs out to win. You can also win a special Yuji Itadori themed IPPON Gum, 200 Gacha Coins, and more bonus rewards. 

Bug Out with Season 9

Season 9 arrives on March 10. Get ready for creepy, crawly prizes and loot with this season?s Bug theme. Here is what players can expect:

  • Ninja Gum Lab: When you?re not battling it out for JUJUTSU KAISEN swag, throw on a lab coat and explore the new Ninja Gum Lab! Here, players can use Ninja Medals and Research Points, a brand-new resource, to create the ultimate Ninja-Gum. You can increase your Ninja-Gum?s damage, reduce cool down, and completely customize them to suit your playstyle. 
  • Celebration Campaign: In Ninja Gum Lab Opening Commemorative Campaign, players will earn Ninja Medals and Research Points just for logging in!
  • Turnabout Guard: The latest Shinobi Card reduces damage from regular attacks and Gum Attacks, making it the perfect card for skirmishes or to act as a decoy for group battles. 
  • Upcoming Events: Five events in this season will encourage new players to join the battle. The Ninjala Beginners Campaign lets players obtain a Ninjala Pass Mini for free to save their Ninja-Gum from being absorbed after battle. The Beginner?s Level Up Bonus! campaign lets players earn 200 Gacha Coins just for leveling up. 
  • WNA Resort Pre-opening: At the resort, players can relax and chat with others in a combat-free zone.