Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid adds another trio of fighters with their 4th season pass

Despite a rocky (rough, not the second Red Ranger?) launch, developer nWay has continued to add to the Capcom vs-style fighting game featuring everyone?s favorite spandex wearing teens with attitudes. With over 20 seasons to choose from, the developers certainly have a deep well of characters they can bring to the game and they even manage to include a couple of world warriors such as Ryu and Chun Li from the Street Fighter franchise.

Season 4?s roster additions feature 2 characters from the Morphin seasons and a villainess from the Dino Charge seasons. These characters can be bought a la carte or as a single package, and for those who purchase the single package they will be granted a character skin for an existing fighter (Doggie Kruger, a character which debuted in season pass 2). This expansion however isn?t devoid of content for those not willing to pay. A new Megazord from the evil Lord Drakkon?s universe, the Gravezord will be available as a free download for all players.

The season pass will cost $14.99, a la carte character purchases will be $5.99 and details as to when to expect the characters to release are provided below. Let?s hope this support continues as there are still plenty of rangers waiting to enter the fray. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and don?t let platform paralysis stop you as the title features cross play across all platforms!

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Season 4 Trailer:

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Season 4 Trailer

Introducing Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4. The new season features three new fan favorite warriors: Adam Park, Poisandra, and Rita Repulsa.

Fight as Anubis Cruger wearing his iconic formal helmetless attire from Power Rangers: SPD. This skin is exclusive to the Season 4 bundle.

Summon the Gravezord (free download for all players)!

Beginning September 21st Season 4 can be purchased for $14.99, or characters can be purchased individually for $5.99 each.