Those Power Punks will tremble with fear when Rita Repulsa arrives December 14th

I feel like I?m obligated to make a comment about ?Being trapped for 10000 years?, but I?m sure other people covering this character will go for this softball, but the OG Power Rangers big bad is finally joining the cast of nWay?s Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Rounding off the 4th season pass for the team based fighting game is Rita Repulsa, and reprising the role she had nearly 30 years ago, Barbara Goodson will voice the evil space witch giving this character an authentic feel.

While Rita didn?t exactly take on the Rangers head on often, she?s not one to be trifled with. Her staff enables her to fire a dark energy ball that can draw her opponents closer if they hit, and she can knock foes back with an energy column! The putty patrol will also lend a hand to their queen in combat as they can be summoned and even fired like a rocket at any unsuspecting foe. Rita can be purchased for $5.99 as a single piece of DLC or as part of the season pass for $14.99.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available now on PC, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid – Rita Repulsa screens:


Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid – Rita Repulsa:

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid - Rita Repulsa

Rangers, it?s Morphin Time! Rita?s free after 10,000 years! With her Putty Patroller army and magical spells, ready yourselves against the wrath of the most powerful space witch. May the Power protect you.

Morph into action on December 14 to play as or fight against Rita Repulsa with the Season 4 Pass!

Season 4 can be purchased for $14.99, or characters can be purchased individually for $5.99 each.

Buy your Season 4 Pass here: