Take us for a ride as NeoSprint offers gamers a chance to create the ultimate race track

Think you’re a race track crafting aficionado? Well the folks at Atari and Headless Chicken Games want you to put up or shut up as the duo behind the racing title NeoSprint wants players to submit tracks which will challenge players in the game’s first NeoSprint Cup!

The isometric racer offers multiple racing modes, customization, local multiplayer and an easy to use track builder. The last item will be in the spotlight as the game is offering prizes for 3 users who create race tracks that wows the team. For the next two weeks players who create a track they think is up to snuff can screencap their creation and share it on social media (X), the Atari’s Discord with the hashtag #NeoSprintCup. The winners will have their track featured in an upcoming in-game event, the NeoSprint Cup (7/22 to 7/29) which will let the player base burn rubber on these 3 winning tracks.

In addition to the honor of having their creations featured in-game, the builders of these 3 tracks will receive a NeoSprint T-Shirt as well as an Atari Hat (I’m guessing it won’t be the cool speaker hat…). So get going, you have until July 19th to get those tracks in.

NeoSprint is available now on Atari VCS, PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.