Microsoft shuffles the deck with Game Pass bringing confusion to all

The weather might be getting hotter, but gamers are definitely cold to the changes that will soon be coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

The service which boasts 34 million (as of February 2024) and saw memberships which were effective on Xbox devices only, PC only and both platforms. However as of today, Xbox Game Pass for Console will no longer be available for new users. This tier allowed its members to enjoy an ever changing library containing 100s of 3rd party titles, all of Microsoft’s 1st party titles and discounts for games available on the service and its respective DLC. Currently subscribed users at this level can maintain this service as long as they have recurring payments enabled in their profile. Replacing this tier is the newly christened Xbox Game Pass Standard, which is similar to Game Pass for Console but without the access to games on “Day One”. This tier will cost $14.99 per month

Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will see price increases, $9.99 to $11.99 and $16.99 to $19.99 respectively. As someone who just selected Ultimate and forgot about it, the ~$239.88 I pay to have the privilege to enjoy games on both PC and the Xbox Series X (which is currently not connected) will definitely make me re-evaluate this recurring payment. However if you’re a Xbox diehard you’re likely going to grit your teeth and accept this price hike because unlike in life, what goes up doesn’t come down.

For those who need to learn more about these Xbox Game Passes’ changes, you can read through this knowledge base article that is currently on