Walkabout Mini Golf gets new game modes for all courses and a free remaster

In case you don’t actively follow Mighty Coconut’s official Walkabout Mini Golf Discord, players need to know that the development team has released a significant update for the game which provides for the ability to add new gameplay modes thanks to what sounds like a non-trivial refactoring of the game code.

Why is this a good thing? Well the developers can apparently more easily build out new features, modes and play styles, and even remaster and enhance existing courses — like the free Cherry Blossom Remaster update.

This specific update, which is now live, will include a trio of new game modes: Walkabout Match Mode, Race Mode and Custom.  There will also be additional turn order options available for multiplayer matches that will be available such as Honors (the usual), Distance and Simultaneous.

Check out the details of the Walkabout Mini Golf update below and make sure to dust off your favorite VR headset and compatible putter controller and check it out.

Our team has been hard at work for over a year to refactor our base game code, allowing us to develop and innovate exciting additions to the game that will fundamentally enhance playstyle. We are pleased to announce our new Game Modes included in all courses, alongside our expansive remaster of Cherry Blossom, is out now. This update is free of cost.

Cherry Blossom Remaster

Rediscover your Zen by revisiting our Cherry Blossom course in full bloom. Additions include:

  • Updates and expansions to lighting, environment, and more.
  • Select instruments have audio and haptics hookups.
  • Fox Hunt clue changes to adapt for environment changes.

Game Modes

New Gameplay Styles

Walkabout Match Mode

  • Enjoy Walkabout’s spin on Matchplay! The player with the lowest score on a hole gets a point; players can tie for points. Most points wins.
  • Players who intentionally leave a Match cannot re-enter. Our team is developing more safety nets for players who accidentally disconnect.

Race Mode

  • Players will putt simultaneously to see who can complete the course the quickest!
  • Players cannot join a race late, and will be put into Observer mode.


  • Choose your own game mode, holes and turn order.

New Turn Orders

Honors (Standard)

  • The player who scored lowest on the previous hole gets to putt first on the next.


  • Whoever is furthest away from the hole gets to putt first.


  • Players can golf simultaneously in traditional stroke play rounds as well as Race Mode. Simultaneous turn order is not available for Match Mode.
  • Due to technical and design constraints, we don’t have any current plans for supporting real-time multiplayer ball collisions.